About Us/FAQ

This is an independently run official webstore for Neck Deep, run by the band and their friends and family.

We hope you enjoy browsing the store, and we appreciate every purchase you make - all proceeds go directly to keeping the band on the road and in supporting them making music!

A few things to keep in mind...
* If you're not based in the UK, there are other shopping options for you to pick up Neck Deep merchandise, which may offer more competitive pricing and shipping rates in your currency. If you're based in the Americas & Canada check out neckdeep.merchnow.com; if you're based on the European mainland check out http://smarturl.it/NECKDEEP-impericon; if you're based in Australia, NZ or Asia, check out www.24hundred.net and search 'Neck Deep'.
* This is an independent business, not a big chain like Amazon. We have a small group of people dealing with all orders and inquiries so please try to remember that you're dealing with actual people, not a factory conveyor belt. Our aim is to provide great items and great customer service and satisfaction, but we can't process everything as quickly as a large corporation can.
* Please allow up to 14 days for delivery on ALL items within the UK, and a little longer if you're ordering from outside of the UK. Please do not send us emails a couple of days after placing your order asking where your items are. Due to the nature of the store we have to process and ship the orders in bulk. We aim to do shipments once or twice per week and get your items to you as quickly as possible, but please do try and be patient.

• If an item is listed as a PRE-ORDER, that means that the product isn't in stock yet and/or ready to be shipped at the time you placed your order, so may take a little longer to get to you than a regular item. We may need to have it manufactured and delivered to us before we can ship it out to you, so please do not expect a pre-order item to arrive within a regular timeframe. We will take care to list estimated shipping/delivery times on such items.

Thanks and happy shopping!

Team ND xxx